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At APL, we began our journey 15 years ago in a small camp in Peru. These days, we're mostly based in Europe, but we still make regular trips back to the Peruvian Amazon for special ayahuasca retreats and tours. This article gives you the lowdown on what to expect from these transformative experiences in Peru, including their perks, where they're held, and how much they'll set you back.

Where to Find Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Peru?

Originally from the Amazon, the "iowaska" or "ayawaska" plant thrives abundantly in the Peruvian jungle. In Peru, it's legal due to the recognition of its traditional and ritual importance within indigenous communities. The law permits ritual and ceremonial use of this drink.
Opting for an ayahuasca retreat in Peru offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Total immersion in the ayahuasca culture;
  • Access to authentic camps and retreat centers;
  • Guidance of experienced shamans and gurus.
These factors contribute to the variety of ayahuasca tour options available. Retreats (not one-day tours!) start from around $300.


Traditional centers, the heart of the Shipibo community.

Pucallpa, located deep in the Peruvian Amazon, is known for its intimate and traditional ayahuasca ceremonies, often held in smaller groups with local Shipibo shamans. The atmosphere in Pucallpa tends to be more laid-back and focused on deep spiritual experiences.

APL Shamanic Journeys Dietas in Pucallpa:
Once a year, APL Shamanic Journeys hosts a captivating journey near Pucallpa. It's not just an ayahuasca retreat; it's an exclusive "Master-Plant Dieta" experience. This unique adventure features three ayahuasca ceremonies, with the highlight being the "Master-Plant Dieta" immersion in between.
According to Shipibo wisdom, Amazonian plants hold profound knowledge, accessible when your body and spirit are cleansed. This entails adhering to a special diet and consuming plant infusions for 7-10 days. Participants retreat to jungle huts during this period, embracing solitude to connect deeply with the plant spirit.
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The largest city in Peruvian Amazon and the major center for Ayahuasca tourism.

Iquitos is a larger city and a hub for ayahuasca tourism. It offers a wider range of options, from traditional ceremonies to more modern retreat centers with amenities, offering 1 or 2-day retreats (the so-called «weekend retreats», which are not recommended by us). The vibe in Iquitos is often busier and more tourist-oriented compared to Pucallpa.

Cusco & Sacred Valley

The center of Inca heritage in the Andean mountains.

Cusco, nestled in the Andes mountains and once the heart of the Inca Empire, attracts tourists worldwide. While the city offers ayahuasca retreats, they lean towards tourism rather than authentic spiritual experiences, as the ayahuasca (or «Mother of all Amazonian Plantas») thrives in the jungle rather than in the high altitudes of the mountains. Cusco is renowned for its rich history and cultural significance, but the tradition of Ayahuasca originates from the Amazon rather than the Andean mountains. Despite this, the proximity to Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley adds allure to these retreats, offering a blend of cultural immersion and natural beauty for visitors seeking a transformative journey.

Lima & Barranco

Vibrant urban capital of the country.

Lima, the capital of Peru, sits on the coast, about a 1.5-hour flight from the Amazon. Despite not being an indigenous hub, Lima attracts shamans who conduct ceremonies in a more Western setting, such as yoga halls or private residences. Barranco, a bohemian district in Lima, hosts a plethora of ayahuasca ceremonies, showcasing its rising popularity in urban areas. However, the ceremonies there may lack the authenticity found in traditional jungle settings. The so-called 'shamans' who may offer to drink Ayahuasca with you there are quite far from the traditional approach to this ancient Peruvian tea.


Mountainous rainforest terrain.

Tarapoto, nestled in the Northern Peruvian Amazon, showcases the stunning beauty of the Amazonian rainforest with a distinctive landscape. Unlike the flat, hot, and humid conditions typical of Amazon towns like Pucallpa or Iquitos, Tarapoto is characterized by its mountainous terrain and cooler climate. Despite having fewer retreat centers than Iquitos, Tarapoto still boasts a significant number of accessible and authentic centers, managed by truly local shamans, providing genuine experiences in this unique part of the Amazon.

4 Best and Safest Ayahuasca
Retreats in Peru for 2024

APL Shamanic Journeys

Every year, APL takes people on an exciting trip near Pucallpa. This isn't just any Ayahuasca retreat; it's a special "Master-Plant Dieta" journey. You'll go through three Ayahuasca ceremonies, but the main event is spending time learning from a special plant.

Local wisdom says that plants in the Amazon know a lot of secrets. To understand them, you need to clean your body and mind. This means eating certain foods and drinking plant mixtures for about a week. During this time, guests stay alone in small huts in the jungle to really connect with the plant's spirit.

Prices start at $2,300 for an 11-days program with 3 ayahuasca ceremonies included.
Ayahuasca retreat Peru
Teacher-Plant Dietas with APL Shamanic Journeys
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Soltara Center

Soltara Resort, primarily based in Peru, is a top retreat center that blends Western approaches with an authentic setting. It offers a 5-day retreat where you stay in shared Eco-Cabin accommodations in the jungle. Prices start at $2,200 and can go up to $7,250 for a private room for the same duration in the Sacred Valley, nestled among the mountains. Soltara is renowned for its structured approach and collaboration with native shaman-gurus and Western facilitators, providing a well-guided therapy and transformative experience.

Price: $2,200 - $7,250
Soltara center
Soltara Center Peru

The Temple of the Way of Light

The Temple of the Way of Light is a classic shamanic healing center focusing on plant medicine. They provide retreats starting at 10 days, with costs between $3,000 and $4,500. With more than 15 years in the field, they're respected for their authentic and safety-conscious traditional methods.

Price: $3,000 - $4,500
The Temple of the Way of Light
The Temple of the Way of Light

Takiwasi Center

Located in a scenic native camp deep in the Amazon, don't expect fancy rooms, but you can count on the staff being very professional. The retreat is pretty affordable at $1300, but remember to set aside some extra money for the long trip to get to this secluded spot in Tarapoto, right in the heart of the Rainforest.

Price: $1,300 - $1,600

How Much Does an Ayahuasca Retreat Cost in Peru?

Even though Peru is considered one of the birthplaces of Ayahuasca, there's still a wide range of interpretations and conjectures about its use. You might find enthusiasts who aren't genuine experts, potentially causing harm rather than offering help or therapy. Prices for Ayahuasca retreats in Peru can differ greatly, beginning at about $100 in some cheap jungle camps. However, a low price does not necessarily mean that such a retreat center (or clinic) is highly recommended. It’s recommended to opt for a retreat guided by an experienced guru instead of a team of novices. Obviously, the total cost of the trip would be influenced by the experience of the main host. The prices might go up to several thousand dollars for luxury retreats.

One-Day Retreat in Peru

You might come across such offers, but as professionals, we do not recommend them. Ayahuasca is a serious plant medicine that requires time to experience fully. A single ceremony in a one-day retreat may not lead to any significant thoughts or insights. Alternatively, it could be "too much, too soon." There's a considerable risk that you won't experience any healing effects and may even deteriorate your psychological state by this challenging psychedelic experience.

Prices around $50 - $100

3-Day Program

We do not endorse or host what some refer to as "weekend retreats." We advise against them, especially for those seeking ayahuasca for the first time. Ayahuasca demands preparation and patience. Rushing back to normal life immediately after theAyahuasca session could overwhelm participants and diminish the healing potential of ayahuasca.

Prices around $300 - $600

7-Day Program

This timeframe allows for a substantial retreat experience. Typically, there are 3-5 ceremonies scheduled during this period, ensuring a profound and meaningful psychological impact. You will find plenty of such offers in Peru by various resorts, clinics, and rehabs.

Prices around $700 - $4,000

11-Day Program

A complete and substantial retreat enables you to fully immerse yourself in the energy and atmosphere of the Amazon. This duration ensures deep immersion and the full healing effects of the Amazonian experience.

Prices around $1,100 - $6,000
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Frequently Asked Questions аbout Ayahuasca in Peru

APL Shamanic Journeys started 15 years ago in a small Peruvian camp. Already for more then 6 years we function as a leading european retreat center. We face a lot of questions about ayahuasca and how to get the most out from a ceremony. We would lpove to answer them.

What Are the Reviews of Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru?

People have different experiences at Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, but many say they find healing and learn a lot about themselves. Peru is known as a special place for Ayahuasca, which some call the 'Mother of all Medicines' from the Amazon. Because of this, you'll find a lot of positive stories from people who have gone there. Peru is a recommended destination for Ayahuasca tourism.

Is Ayahuasca Legal in Peru?

Since 2008, Peru has recognized ayahuasca as a part of its cultural heritage, focusing on indigenous ritual use rather than religious. Discussions on regulating ayahuasca tourism exist, but no new regulations have been implemented.
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