Shamanic Journeys Retreats

Ayahuasca, Plant Medicine, Kambo and Yoga
in Europe, USA and Peru
With traditional Peruvian healers
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"Arbores Plantas Lianas" retreat team is concentrated on providing the opportunity to work with:
Ayahuasca, Kambo and maestro-plants
in Europe and Peru.
For many years we work only with Peruvian Shamans and Curanderos we know and trust so you can pass a safe
and life-changing experience during our retreats and understand what is a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony from the Amazon.

All of our team are dedicated to create a safe environment for you with a constant, personal connection with real keepers of the traditional, medical use of plants. Our Yoga classes, diet during the retreat, everyday collaboration with our crew and shaman are aimed to explore the knowledge and discover the path of curanderos for you and help to integrate this experience into your everyday life. That is why we support our clients and friends not only before our retreats but also after in our group chats so you can always have the opportunity to share your experience and ask for an advice.

You should be ready; our retreats are aimed at deep personal work and healing on the physical, mental and energy levels. Our program is always intense with strong ceremonies from our Peruvian shaman with over 20 years experience. Usually we have
3 ceremonies of Ayahuasca minimum in one week plus Kambo ceremonies, rapé and sanango sessions and yoga classes.
With everyday integration and discussion you are going to be involved in the process permanently.

The only result in our work we want is your personal transformation and possibility to change your everyday life after our retreats. For this reason we will take care of your personal comfort, your safety, daily itinerary, your diet and all other things that might be under our control.

Ayahuasca significant benefits
Deep physical detoxification
Help to quit physical and behaviour addictions
Support for cancer and HIV treatment
Spiritual awakening, expanded consciousness and spiritual connection
Treat depression, stress, PTSD and abuse experience
Improving emotional and mental health, letting go of the past / acceptance of the present
Why APL Shamanic Journeys
Why we advise to visit retreats only with traditional shamans?
APL Shamanic Journeys Master-Shaman Alberto Palomino.
What is Ayahuasca Medicine?
APL Shamanic Journeys Master-Shaman Alberto Palomino.

Ayahuasca Shamanic retreat
Portugal, July
6-12 days

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Our team
For us, the main goal is your comfort
and safety during our retreats,
unforgettable emotions
and life-changing experience.
Founder APL Shamanic Journeys
Aleksander is the founder of the idea of accessibility of Amazonian shamanism and the creation of APL Shamanic Journeys.
His energy and faith in the idea of helping people made it possible to realize this project and rally all the team members.
He studies Ayahuasca for 7 years and passed many long traditional dieting with
Master-plants in Amazonian rainforest.
Anael Rojas Rodriguez
Curandero and Master-Shaman of APL Shamanic Journeys and Kamalampi healing center
Anael, in addition to being Curandero, a shaman and our close friend, also constantly conducts educational work in his native village of Tamishyaku, helps raise health care, reduce alcohol consumption and promotes the preservation of traditional knowledge of Indians. Also Anael is a wonderful family man, he has a lovely wife and 5 children, wrapped up in the love and care of their parents.
Alberto Palomino
Ayahuascero and Master-Shaman of APL Shamanic Journeys
Alberto is a healer with more than 20 years of work with ayahuasca, Kambo and medical plants of Amazonia. He started his training when he was 8 years old and worked with the most famous shamans as Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez, Guillermo Arévalo Valera, Don Lucho Panduro.
He passed more than 3 years on diets with master plants in isolation in Amazonian rainforest and continued his way as a healer and ayahuascero.
Founder APL Shamanic Journeys
Boris, with 7 years experience of working with medicinal plants from Amazonian region, was the one who connected the knowledge of Peruvian shamans with participants of APL retreats.
His work is dedicated on your comfort during retreats, integration of new knowledge and to provide a comfortable and "family" atmosphere for all participants.
Participants about us
Review from USA
Review from USA
Who should visit our retreats?
We wouldn't like to identify the circle with those who are engaged in some sort of special practices.
We believe that our retreat are primarily for those who feel that life is something more than we used to think, who want to solve inner problems and get a new look at the way of life. It is also possible to gain energy, health from the sea, sun, and plants. You will gain valuable experience with the passage of ceremonies of Ayahuasca and Kambo.
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Visit our video blog where we talk about the use of plant-teachers, ayahuasca and kambo.
Taking interviews with shamans, explaining rules for ceremonies
and discover traditional shamanism
and Amazonia.

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