Volunteer in Ecuador to support local communities
and protect the rainforest
Make an impact by joining our friends at Bosque Medicinal.
Bosque Medicinal is a foundation with a goal to conserve Ecuadorian Amazon.

It is committed to reconnecting people with nature's healing power and preserving the Amazon jungle. They focus on raising awareness about the crucial importance of jungle biodiversity and celebrating the unique richness of the world's most biologically diverse ecosystem.

Recognizing the Amazon's significance as the planet's largest source of oxygen, fresh water, and natural medicines, Bosque Medicinal emphasizes the interconnectedness between humans and nature. By supporting their efforts, you contribute to the protection and appreciation of this invaluable ecosystem for generations to come.
Become a volunteer
Why your help is important?

1) Biodiversity:

Ecuador's rainforest is home to countless unique species, many of which are found nowhere else. Protecting the rainforest maintains ecological balance and conserves endangered species.

2) Indigenous communities:

The rainforests host Indigenous communities with unique cultural heritage. Protecting their habitat preserves their way of life and traditional knowledge.

3) Climate change mitigation:

Rainforests absorb and store vast amounts of carbon dioxide, playing a vital role in combating climate change.

4) Medicinal resources:

The rainforest contains numerous medicinal plants with potential for future medical discoveries.

5) Ecosystem services:

Rainforests provide essential services such as clean water, air purification, and climate regulation.

Join us in the fight to protect the Amazon rainforest, a vital ecosystem facing threats such as deforestation, mining, oil extraction, and agricultural expansion.

Your volunteering efforts can help preserve its delicate balance and ensure its long-term survival. Together, let's make a difference for this invaluable treasure of our planet.

How you can help:

The specific tasks for each journey may vary based on several factors, such as the current needs of the land, our partners' availability, and weather conditions. Nevertheless, all tasks contribute to Bosque Medicinal's core mission, which involves enhancing conservation efforts, supporting scientific research, and promoting local education. Generally, our work will be carried out within or near the Runahurco protected natural reserve.

  • Preparing deforested land for reforestation
  • Transporting and planting saplings
  • Clearing & marking trails
  • Placing border markers
  • Placing & monitoring camera traps
  • Tending to the Bosque Medicinal nursery & garden
  • Maintaining & improving the Bosque Medicinal base-camp and the Avian observatory
  • Daily chores, including cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, bringing laundry to town, buying supplies etc…
Bosque Medicinal works together with:
University of Azuay
Adventure that awaits:

The experience isn't just about work; Bosque Medicinal also incorporate enjoyable excursions (although many of the tasks are exciting too)! The specific activities for leisure might differ for each trip, depending on interests and availability. However, they hope to share many of the following experiences with you:

  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions*
  • Exploring sacred waterfalls
  • Trekking through the rainforest and learning about its diverse inhabitants
  • Visiting Indigenous communities and listening to stories of rainforest legends and mystique
  • Discovering local caves and uncovering hidden subterranean landscapes
  • Studying traditional medicinal plants and healing methods
  • Meeting local eco-entrepreneurs working with wayusa, cacao, coffee, rafting, crafts, and more
  • And other exciting activities!

We suggest allocating a week (or longer) after the volunteer trip to discover the rest of Ecuador. This magical country offers a wide range of incredible experiences. We can assist with planning, and often our volunteers collaborate before or after the official trip to continue their Ecuadorian adventures. You can explore natural hot springs, ancient ruins, high-altitude plains, dry forests, the Galapagos Islands, and even witness whales during the late summer months!