Your safety is Our main priority
We believe that safety starts before you even visit our retreat. As soon as you sign up we ask you to fill out a participant form with your intention(s) and personal and medical information. This form will be reviewed by our medical consultant who will advise a special way of preparation for you, if needed.

When you arrive to our retreat Villa, before participating in ceremonies, we begin with personal talks between You, the Facilitators and Shaman to discuss any individual details or concerns that might arise during your stay. You can be absolutely certain that our work will be concentrated on your personal situation and you will be provided with all possible instructions to make your stay and ceremonial experience safe and fulfilling.

If any emergencies arise (a broken finger for example) we are located a quick 15 minutes drive to the nearest medical center and we always have a reliable vehicle on property.
Following traditional rules
Traditional use of Ayahuasca medicine has more than 2000 years experience.
In APL Shamanic Journeys we believe that tradition itself is nothing but the result of all possible mistakes that've been made. It is the optimal and the most effective way of using Ayahuasca for healing.

That's why we work only with healers who use Ayahuasca due to all rules of Peruvian part of Amazonia. These people, since their childhood, have been initiated into knowledge of using sacred plants and they were practicing healing ceremonies for their whole life.

We are deeply concerned about irresponsible and harebrained use of Ayahuasca and share the knowledge of the importance of using sacred pants only with Shamans who passed all necessary training in AMAZONIAN RAINFOREST.

It is the vital part of your safety on our retreats. You can explore more in our Shamans' Vlog
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