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We work for healing
We highly appreciate feedbacks from our friends and know that the healing process is not only the question of ceremonies but the whole way after our retreats finish. We always keep in touch with you before and after retreats so we can be helpful for your right understanding and integration of the new experience.
We put all our efforts to make your experience as deep and safe as possible and your achieved aims are our highest reward.
We wanna thank everybody who participated and valued our retreats and send you our love and light :)
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We are blessed to have our participants as friends for life.
29 - USA
There are moments in life when you are mysteriously and magically led to a special place, at a special time, with a very special group of individuals. The journey can sometimes feel scary or chaotic, stirring up every cell within your being. But still, just beyond the fear, something pulls at your heart strings providing you enough courage to follow the signs leading you to a place that will forever change your life.
For me that was a retreat in Portugal with APL Shamanic Journeys, which has easily been the most transformational experience of my life. I am so deeply grateful for the entire team, sharing their passion and knowledge in traditional plant medicine and what they each contributed to my experience.
Sasha and Boris have done an incredible job creating a beautiful retreat and providing people a safe space to come for healing through deep personal work with Mother Ayahuasca. Our shaman Anael guided us beautifully through traditional ayahuasca ceremonies as well as providing us with kambo, Sanango, and RapΓ©. I truly felt safe and cared for throughout it all.
By the end of my two week retreat, I felt my heart and family had expanded. I left feeling lighter physically & emotionally but fuller spiritually & mentally. I'm excited to work with APL Shamanic Journeys again in the future and would recommend their retreats for anyone who Is feeling called to work with the medicine.
Peace & Love
Janie Reynolds
55 years, UK
I feel so lucky to have found these people and this place.
They are offering a community as well as teachings from the Amazonian medicines. I attended a one week retreat and it was one of the best weeks of my life. The Master Shaman and his two helpers, Boris and Alexandro, have created a completely safe space for taking Ayahuasca, at the same time as providing luxury accommodation in an absolutely magical location and with fantastic healthy food and drink. If it is your first Ayahuasca experience then this retreat will teach you what you need to know and more, and you will feel supported and guided by the organisers and the other visitors. And if if you are experienced with these ceremonies, it will allow you to adventure as deep as you wish to go. You couldn't ask for nicer or more experienced organisers for your retreat. And the master shaman is there all through your time, for one to one help or just gently guiding you with his powerful energies. I will definitely stay with these guys now I have been lucky enough to find them. I feel blessed and I hope you will too.
Emma Gaynor
31 year, North Wales, UK
Me, my cousin and my aunt decided to do ayahuasca and looked at different places but when we came across 4vientos, everything we read just felt right.
I can honestly say that it was the best thing I've ever done, it was a totally unexplainable and magical experience that will stay with me forever.
Boris, Alexander, Anael and Nadya are some of the most amazing people I've ever met and they will bend over backwards to help you (Nadya quite literally can, she's such a good yoga teacher!). Nothing was ever too much trouble for them.
It was great to have Anael as our shaman to guide us on our journeys, he is so full of knowledge and wisdom of the plants. Even with a language barrier he radiates such a warm and kind spirit. That said, we could and would have Boris or Alexander ready to interpret when we wanted or needed.
Boris and Alexander explain everything make you feel safe and comfortable, they were there to help you if and when you needed it. You can feel this is their passion and calling in life.
I just can't recommend these guys enough! None of us wanted to leave and can't wait to return!!! You meet the most incredible people from all over the world, so if you're interested...don't think about it just do it!
44 year, Serbia
Loved my stay in Portugal, the place is beautiful, serene with magical gardens.
Boris and Aleks, two Slavic souls, take care of you as if your own younger brothers invited you to their country house, they cook for you, make sure you feel good, relaxed and at home. Don't be surprised when they serve you a daily dose of deep wisdom and skillfully safeguard you through ceremonies!
Maestro Anael is the embodiment of everything you ever thought shamanism is or should be. He's like an angel by your side escorting you to higher realms for guidance and healing. And his maestro icaros ... divine and majestic!
It is a life changing, transformative experience different for each and every soul and doesn't end when you leave the retreat. The bonds you make within a brotherhood of searching souls is open and honest when sharing the deepest truths.
I so cherish this experience hope you will too, mucha suerte! πŸ€—β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜‡
41 year, Russia
Once in a while in our life we have such significant and turning events for which we never tire of thanking the fate!

They shift reference points and change values from the beginning of our persaption of what the world is and who I am.
This happened to me about a month ago. I was urgently invited to the edge of our continent to make yoga on a two-weeks retreat.
There are techniques and methods of traditional Amazonian shamanism on this seminar, which were aimed to restore the mental and as a result, physical balance.

There are no happenstance (accidents) in this life. And from this I had an unconditional conviction - I am on my right place and everything what I'm doing I am in love to.
This is and much more was given to me, by our retreat. I was bound with love and gratitude to all participants (members) of this sacred mystery!
Endless thanks to everyone who originally spent the energy to organizing this important event...
Shaman ..., who led us to the very source and stopped a moment in complete transcendence.
You are the team which, I like to do a common cause by the call of the spirit!
Thanks to all the participants of the retreat for your open hearts. Nothing is more valuable in this world than a heart breathing by love!
"I'm very positive since I got back only 2 nights but I feel more clear and looking forward to how far I will get in the coming weeks πŸ™πŸΌ and excited for the future. It's amazing how it works by creating whatever you desire, it's magic πŸŒŸπŸ’«πŸŒŸ. Thank you dear Boris and Alex for your care, trust and love ❀ you will always be in my heart ❣ and of course Anael my shaman 🌟"
This was what I needed. Feel totally healed

"The team was amazing and lovely. There was so much support and love from everyone. The villa was nice, food was good and taught me a lot about eating and my health. I now have a full control over my food choices and my mind. The yoga and all other things we did as a group really helped me heal and I can't wait to see everyone again. Our yoga teacher was amazing and gave the best hugs. Super experience!!"
This was the best present I could give to myself.

"I went here alone and met amazing and loving new friends. I slept like a Queen in the bed, loved all food and healed myself. I felt really safe and cared over with the crew. I highly recommend this retreat and would love coming back again. Love to all my new friends and especially loving thanks to Anael, Boris and Alex."
A life changing experience

"I met some high class people and the organizers really took their responsibility to make sure that everyone was OK. Such kind loving souls."
The Villa is perfectly situated not too far from the airport or nearby beaches. The food was delicious and always freshly prepared by the staff, who were more than happy to attend to any issues that did arise.

It was a very friendly atmosphere and everyone was made to feel safe and welcome. The ceremonies were structured in a way which gave people time to recover and recharge, and the medicine was very strong.

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