From Peruvian Rainforest
"We work only with Shamans we know and trust. Shamans who were initiated and got their knowledge by traditional shaman dieting process in jungle with Master-Plants and aimed on the medical aspect of Amazonian healing tradition"
Alberto Palomino
Ayahuascero, Yachay (healer) and Herbalist with 20+ years of experience in the Amazon rainforest.
With a lifetime of experience in the Amazon Rainforest, Alberto was born along the Nanay River in one of the last "Iquito-Indian" communities "Lupuna". Growing up in the jungle he learned from his grandmother and uncle who were yachay (local healer) and passed down to him the knowledge of healing with plants. Now Alberto shares the plant secretes of the rainforest that opens their minds and heart in searching for enlightenment, health, and happiness.

At the age of 8 years, Alberto started to have a strong interest to shamanism. At 15 years old he started the training for 8 years in the Amazon rainforest. Then Alberto went up the Ucayali river to join to a Shipibo ethnicity to test his expertise and endurance spiritually and search for more knowledge. It took 15 years to finally come back to his village and help those ones who are hoping to feel the power of the ancient way of Amazonian Shamanism.

Anael Rojas Rodriguez
Curandero and Master-Shaman of APL Journeys with the more than 18 years experience of working with medical plants
Anael Rojas Rodriguez - Peruvian shaman-curandero, who devoted many years of his life studying the curative properties of plants growing in the Amazon and being used to imrove the physical, energetic and mental state of the person.
In his youth, Anael came to shamanism through personal examples of real Curandero, as well as from the need for cure from serious diseases.
He started his shaman-way with fighting for his health in the Peruvian jungle and now became one of the most worthy shaman of Loreto district. During the two-week retreat in Portugal, Anael will be happy to talk about his learning, the way of the shaman, medic
al plants of the Amazon and his practice of traditional ceremonies and role of shamanism in the modern world.
Interview with our Shamans
Alberto Palomino
About traditional and European shamans, ceremonies and medicine
Anael Rojas
About shamanism, his way of work, Ayahuasca and sacred master-plant dietas.
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