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About ceremonies and it`s rules
What are traditional Amazonian ceremonies?
It`s a really wide question because there are lots of different traditions in Amazonian region especially if we consider different part of Amazonia as Peruvian, Brazilian and other parts.
We work with Shamans from Loreto region of Peru. Its the center of Amazonian, Peruvian shamanism. First of all the tradition means that the person who leeds the ceremony is Curandero and Shaman and gained all the experience by passing the long way of dieting with sacred master-plants in Peruvian jungles for many years. Only by this process the person can become a healer and have the right and honour of guiding ceremonies.
Secondly the tradition means that you will have to follow some rules during ceremonies that are set for your safety, deep personal connection with the spirit of medicine and healing process during ceremonies. These rules include keeping silent except expressing emotions, deep respect to other participants, keeping your place during the whole ceremony except toilet, prohibition for singing and dancing, prohibition of interacting the experience of other participants. All ceremonies are passing only during the night time with no using lights or self-phones.
And finally the tradition means that a shaman never sing ballads or popular songs that have no connection to the healing ceremonies and in fact are disrespect to the spirit of the medicine itself. During ceremony process shaman uses special songs names "Icaro" that he learned directly from spirits during his/her dieting process with master-plants. Icaros and Chacapa (the traditional instrument made from leafs) are tools of a shaman for healing and protection people during a ceremony process.

All these rules are the result of thousands years experience and dedicated on your safety, personal healing and transformation.

Why is it so important to follow rules during ceremonies?
You have to understand that all these rules are the result of thousands years practical experience of shamans who worked with Ayahuasca and was aimed on its healing properties. All these rules were set to make your experience as safe and beneficial as possible.
Unfortunately we know lots of examples when people drink the medicine in inappropriate environment with people who are not shamans but only "ayahuasca dealers" in the way of breaking all traditional rules and call it "new age shamanism". To our deep regret we receive lots of emails from people who participated in these kind of cessions and now try to find the way out from their curent mental state.
Pls be aware of the shaman and the ceremony you are going to participate in and always visit retreats with the true native shamans to guide you.
What medicine do you use during your retreats?
We are strictly concentrate on the quality of a medicine we use. On our retreats you can be sure that all our medicine comes directly from Peruvian selva (jungles) and prepared under the control of our shamans. We never work with the medicine we didn't make by ourselves. It allows us to be sure that we can provide ceremonies in its medicinal way and work with the medicine made strictly to the traditional recipe
Will I have the opportunity to talk with the Shaman?
We never separate the shaman from our group. The personal connection is one of our rules for the retreat. So if you speak Spanish you can freely talke with the shaman during his free time our if you don't speak Spanish we will be a mediator between you and the shaman.
About preparation process
What is the preparation process for the retreat?
During our retreats you are going to work with Peruvian medicine that are required the special preparation process. The process should be individual for every participant due to the aim you set for the retreat. So we always advise to consult with our integrated department about the best way of preparation due to your situation.
The basic way of preparation you can find bellow:

First of all you should know that before retreat starts its good for you to stick to a diet. It will help you to prepare your body and mind for the ceremonies.

2 weeks before retreat:

– Avoid any recreational drugs including marijuana and Alcohol.
– Sexual contact (with a partner and yourself)
* Using any pharmaceutical drugs should be reconcile with our retreat center

5-7 days before retreat avoid:

– Fried foods or excessive oil
– Spicy foods
– Fermented food
– Caffeine
– Non-fresh (canned or packaged) meat or fish products
– Liquid and Powdered protein extracts
– Brewers yeast or yeast-based supplements
– Dairy products
– Overripe fruits
– Processed sweets and refined sugar
– Excessive amounts of table salt
– Pork and red meat

5-7 days before retreat try to avoid:

- Television
- Stress
- Try to calm down, relax and have an intention for the retreat

Its necessary to understand that these rules and restrictions are set not only because of the shamanic tradition but because if you avoid them you can break the connection between you and the Teacher- Plants spirits and even harm yourself. So your experience might be discount. Its important to understand that no-one is able to control you all the time so it`s your sphere of responsibility. Be sure, you will have a magical experience if you follow all this rules and recommendation.

Will you support me before and after your retreat?
Its vital to understand that experience of Peruvian shamanism is not some kind of a joke and you should be not only prepared mentally for this experience but also has the opportunity to pose questions and share your experience of integration into everyday life after our retreats.
For this purpose for each retreat group we have our group chats where you can communicate with each other and with our crew. It helps you to prepare for the retreat and than start to integrate your experience into everyday life in a right way.
For us one of the main task is the positive influence of experience you have on your life and we put lots of efforts and time to guide you not only during our retreats but also when it finished because one of the most interesting experience you gonna have is the experience of using your new understanding and transforming you way of thinking, perception and living.
You can always count on our support.
What kind of insurance do I need?
We advise you to obtain the regular travel insurance that coveres 30 000$ spends. In our experience none of our guests used it but its always better for you to have one.
Booking and other conditions
What is the process of booking? How I can pay the deposit?
First of all you have to decide which retreat program, is the most suitable for you. If you have any doubts you can always consult with us by our e-mail or web-site chat.
After you have chosen the program we will kindly ask you to make a 30% pre-payment so we can be sure in your participation and you can plan your schedule for the upcoming retreat month.
For payment we use Pay-Pal system as the most safe and widespread. We will provide a payment link for you so you can transfer 30% prepayment. The rest 70% you can pay on the first day of the retreat.
After prepayment we will send you the link with the inquiry so we can get more information about you and your intention for the retreat and also be prepared to make your stay as comfortable and full of useful experience for you as possible.
What is your refund policy?
If you notified us at least 8 weeks before the retreat starts we can transfer your deposit payment on our next event or we can issue you a refund back to your original payment source (less $100 cancellation fee)
If it`s less than 8 weeks unfortunately we will not be able to make any refund due to the cancellation policy.
Accommodation and transfers
Can you arrange a transfer from airport to your place for me?
For sure after you have your flight details you can provide it for us and we will arrange a taxi waiting for you in the airport or address by your choose.
Will we have some free time for visiting the beach or local towns?
Programs of our retreat are always intense and you are going to be involved in the retreat activity permanently. For sure we never limit you and you can choose your activity as you wish but its really rear when people after 4-6 hours night ceremonies want to dive into everyday life of local towns.
What is the accommodation on the retreat?
It`s just a perfect calm place where you can get an incredible experience of ceremonies of Ayahuasca, Rape, Kambo and Yoga occupations.

If you are coming along we will offer you a shared room with not more than 1 same gender neighbour. We also have some private rooms for couples.
In all our rooms we have a/c, fresh towels and linens. Wi-Fi covers all the territory of the villa.
The bathrooms are shared. We have one for women and another one for mens.
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