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Everything you should know before your first experience.
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Perception of Ayahuasca ceremony:

Ayahuasca is taking the world by storm. Most recently Brian Rose of London real launched the documentary "Reconnect". Ayahuasca has been used for centuries by natives of the Amazon. There is some confusion about how the medicine, actually heals. Ayahuasca is often touted as a "magic bullet" or "cure-all" medicine. This view can lead not only to a kind of misunderstanding that limits the true healing potential of the medicine but abuse and other unsafe conditions in the ceremony and surrounding environment, that are caused by the irresponsible preparation process, as well as neglecting the way of integration of the experience itself.

APL takes the tradition of Ayahuasca very seriously. It is for that reason that I chose to work closely with APL offering their participants pre and post-therapeutic interventions. For some, it can be daunting to step towards the unknown and we aim to bring clarity on the issue and to provide more information, education, and support to those interested in ayahuasca, and other traditional plant medicines that have the potential to play a major role in global healing. Is this your first experience and feel anxious? Do you suffer from PTSD, depression, eating disorders, or have been caught in the clutches of addiction and are wondering how to prepare?

What I might expect from the Ayahuasca experience?

For me, it is about maximizing the efficacy of your ayahuasca experience. Very often you have realizations about life, but with that insight, things don't really resolve. You have to put it in practice. It's about taking that new information gained and grounding it into your everyday life.

Ayahuasca can connect one to an intelligence far greater than their individual consciousness, where profound insights are discovered. Without the correct support, it can be challenging to understand and indeed integrate these experiences. It is our ongoing commitment to you to facilitate the most beneficial experience pre, during the retreat, and post for you to fully utilize the healing benefits of Ayahuasca.

How Ayahuasca assisted therapy helps?

It is my personal and professional understanding that the integration of the ayahuasca experience is just as important as the ceremony itself. Equally how one approaches the experience is fundamental in the journey. The Dieta, for me, is not just a restrictive diet, but rather to be

Taken seriously as a contemplative time to begin the journey inwards, breaking the connection to external stimuli to devote as much time as possible to introspection. The Dieta is letting the old die and giving birth to the new.

It is this process that brings the behavioral changes, and a new perspective that can be responsible for true transformation and healing.

As I have come to learn through working with the ayahuasca will work with you and assist healing to be that physically or psychologically in the way that you are ready to receive. It is you that is going to solve it, through the mindsight that ayahuasca will awaken internally and give you a felt sense of our traumatic origins. With these ceremonial insights, you can go on to integrate and take steps to personal leadership in your life.

Ayahuasca will show you the ways to address your challenges, it shines the light on it, and it is still up to each individual to make the changes in their own life. This is why, although many people have "life-changing" experiences during the ceremony, but is always a challenge for many people to maintain long-lasting changes.

We have seen people right after the ceremony, and they really are amazed at the profound experience. Some consider it the most important spiritual or transformative experience in their life. However, if you come back three months later, the benefit can seem much lower. And that's where the post-ceremony integration makes the difference.

What steps should we take
to help you boost your experience?

If you chose to deepen your experience and journey further into personal understanding, I would suggest 6 sessions which would be 1 or 2 pre-retreat, explore what you are seeking to gain from the experience and work on the intention you wish to carry into the ceremony. Post ceremony sessions will be looking at the insights you have gained. Ayahuasca has an ability to open the unconscious which for many of us has been locked away if we do not make the unconscious conscious, the shadows that have been buried in us will continue to cause pain and suffering in our lives. Our aim would be to work with you to explore these shadows and begin to integrate them and bring healthy power back into your life. Contract an action plan where you commit to working on your program of integration. Sessions will be conducted over a digital platform via Skype/Zoom or face time, and last approximately 90 minutes. I follow a holistic approach when consulting with clients. It is imperative that time is taken at the outset to discuss a suitable treatment plan with clients. The process can be tailored to suit each individual need whether you're looking for a single session to discuss practicalities, such as addressing resistance you have towards the process, to talk through any difficulties that the Dieta has brought up, or getting clear about your intentions. As aforementioned we tailor the program to your needs. Perhaps you want to take advantage of the reintegration coaching to maximize the insights gained in the ceremony and creating an action plan orientated to align with that. We are here to accommodate, whether that is a single session or a block we work with you.

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