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APL Shamanic Journeys
"For us, the main goal is your comfort
and safety during our retreats.
To create unforgettable
and life-changing experiences."
APL Shamanic Jourteys
Boris, with 7 years experience of working with medicinal plants from Amazonian region, was the one who connected the knowledge of Peruvian shamans with participants of APL retreats.
His work is dedicated on your preparation for Ayahuasca experience and its guidance. He passed many dietas in Amazonia with such plants as Chiric Sanango, Uchu Sanango, Sasha Ajos and many more. His valuable experience of work with Plant Medicine, different Peruvian shamans and hundreds of APL;s participants will allow you to prepare for ceremonies, pass and integrate your experience with in the best possible way.
APL Shamanic Journeys
Aleksandr's energy and faith in the idea of helping others made it possible to realize this project and rally all the team members. He is passionate in learning traditional Vegetalismo from the Medicine Keepers and the Plants of the Amazonian region.
Aleksandr has studied Ayahuasca for 7 years and has passed many long traditional plant dietas with
Master-Plants in the Amazonian rainforest.
Partner APL Shamanic Journeys
Amanda is the founder of the retreat space Andea Experience and certified yoga instructor by yoga alliance. She is a US veteran and has traveled around the world a few times. Throughout her life she has tried many different retreats and methods for spiritual growth. After experiencing the healing powers of plant medicine she decided to create a safe space to help others find their own peace. Amanda is excited to partner with APL and help others integrate their experiences and maximize their true self.
Ayahuasca assisted therapist
Ross started his way as a therapist in 2008 and offers his professional assistance already for 13 years.

- Qualified to Post Graduate level in C.B.T, Psychodynamic & Personal centered.
- ILM certified coach.
- Studied Personal construct psychology
- Trained in family constellation therapy and implemented a behavioral change model within a residential rehabilitation setting.

It is Ross's ongoing commitment to you to facilitate the most beneficial experience pre, during the retreat, and post for you to fully utilize the healing benefits of Ayahuasca.
Astrology Activation Coach
Celeste is passionate in learning more about the magic within the sacred vine and how she can help support others through their healing journey in working with plant medicine. With 15 years of personal practice & over 500 certified hours of yoga studies in the US & Bali, she teaches a combination of different practices & concepts to support, center, & ground the journey of self discovery & healing. Currently she studies astrology, weaving the ancient science into her work to help others cultivate a deep awareness of self, reconnect with their most authentic nature, & awaken to their highest potential.

You can book a Single Natal Chart Reading with Celeste

Sasha has been studying cooking and nutrition for more than 10 years and now is concentrated on exploring all aspects of food products and the impact they have on your ceremonial experience.
During our retreats, he will serve tasty and wisely chosen meals to boost your Ayahuasca experience with APL.
Besides cooking, Sasha has visited Peru many times and passed dietas with Master-Plants what helped him to get a deep understanding of the shamanic knowledge and combine it with his nutrition background.
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