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APL Shamanic Journeys
about traditional shamanism
"Shamans about tradition of healing with Ayahuasca, European experience and secrets of Master-Plants"
Anael Rojas
About shamanism and the role of the Shaman in ceremonial process.
Anael Rojas
About shamanism, his way of work, Ayahuasca and sacred master-plant dietas.
Alberto Palomino about shamanism in Amazonia Part 1
Alberto Palomino about modern European approaches to Ayahuasca Part 2
Alberto Palomino about Western people on ceremonies, his experience in Europe and how to prepare for Ayahuasca Part 3
Alberto Palomino about Icaros, shamans songs Part 4
Peruvian shaman - Ayahuasca in Europe vs Ayahuasca in Peru, Part 5
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