Plant Medicine requires:
Trust, Respect & Surrender
Plant Medicine requires:
Trust, Respect & Surrender
Deeper Purification
Stronger connection
Purer visions
INTRODUCING APL's exclusive retreat
Ayahuasca vine is a primary compound of Ayahuasca brew that does not contain any DMT and is mostly responsible for the healing properties of the drink.

It is unknown when indigenous people of the Amazon discovered the recipe of Ayahuasca with DMT contained plants (such as Chacruna) that is widely used nowadays as the very first evidence of this recipe is only 150 years old.
Thus scientists and anthropologists know for sure that the pure Ayahuasca vine was used across all the American land from Ecuador to Chile for at least 2000 years.

Until now, in Peru and Ecuador, healers practice ceremonies called Purgahuasca or Natemmamu with pure Ayahuasca vine for healing patients as it is believed that the "psychedelic" compound - DMT is needed only in some cases when a shaman needs to access the realm of Spirits.
The majority of Ayahuasca's healing properties come from MAOIs - the active compound of the Ayahuasca vine and are not connected with DMT from other plants.
Even experienced practitioners usually underestimate the power of a pure Ayahuasca vine. You can be unexpectedly surprised by the strength and pureness of the connection with this Teacher-Plant.
Who are looking for a healing without overwhelming visions
Who wish to connect with a pure power of Ayahuasca vine
This retreat is perfect for those:
Ayahuasca vine is a purgative that kills parasites and detoxes your body.
Moreover, it protects neurons and increases neuroplasticity.
Ayahuasca vine is a natural antidepressant that regulates your mood and allows you to fight depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Moreover, it is helpful against neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.
Who are looking for a deep physical and mental detox
Who are suffering from depressive states of mind
Purgahuasca (Ceremonies with pure Ayahuasca vine) is a deep and often dramatic experience that can help to balance the lightness of the kaleidoscopic effects induced by classical psychedelics, and hopefully help us to move toward a more lasting equilibrium in our mind.

This could not only reduce the constant need for visions that is evident in most shamanic tourists, but could also help us to sit down and listen to a new lesson coming from Amazonian wisdom traditions.
Matteo Politi has a PhD in natural product chemistry, specializing in naturopathy. He is a research collaborator at the Takiwasi Center in Peru and the University of Chieti in Italy. He has more than 20 years of multidisciplinary experience in herbal medicine.
Purgahuasca (Ceremonies with pure Ayahuasca vine) is a deep and often dramatic experience that can help to balance the lightness of the kaleidoscopic effects induced by classical psychedelics, and hopefully help us to move toward a more lasting equilibrium in our mind.
Matteo Politi has a PhD in natural product chemistry, specializing in naturopathy. He is a research collaborator at the Takiwasi Center in Peru and the University of Chieti in Italy. He has more than 20 years of multidisciplinary experience in herbal medicine.
"Drinking Ayahuasca Without DMT is Powerful and Traditional'
It feels purer and sometimes stronger than a ceremony with classic Ayahuasca brew.
Purgahuasca affects our physical body much stronger rather than Ayahuasca brew with DMT.
Sometimes even experienced practitioners struggle to stand up and walk.

It helps to release blockages, stuck emotions, and traumas.
Natural Visions
Although Purgahuasca contains no DMT, it can induce visions that are purer and clearer rather than kaleidoscopic light show some people experience taking Ayahuasca brew with DMT.

It helps to concentrate clearly on your inner emotional state and find balance.
Purgahuasca is one of the strongest detoxing tools for our body, mind and spirit.
Besides the physical purge it is common to let out sadness or grief.

It helps to let the old energy go and restore your physical strength.
In the days after the session, participants are more lucid and have clearer thoughts and ideas. The feeling of happiness and motivation comes with clarity.

It helps form a clear vision of the future and start integrating the experience received.
Ayahuasca brew:
1) Made out of Ayahuasca vine only with no additives

2) Does not contain any DMT

3) Stronger physical (somatic) effect

4) Purifies and detoxifies stronger

5) Works in a more therapeutic way

6) Pure way to connect with Ayahuasca as a Teacher-Plant

7) Traditional ceremonies emphasising on healing, known for 2000 years

8) Perfect for beginners who are afraid of the overwhelming visionary experience

9) Perfect for experienced practitioners who wish to explore the power of pure Ayahuasca
1) Made out of Ayahuasca vine
and other plants

2) DMT contained plants are inside

3) More visionary experience

4) Sends to realms of Spirits

5) Teaches with a strict approach

6) A tool to connect with a mystical part of the Shamanic tradition

7) Brew emphasising on shamanic journeys to unknown realms

8) Perfect for participants who are looking for "shamanic visionary experience"

9) Perfect for those who wish to discover the nature of reality and limits of perception
Maestro Pepe "The Last Shaman"
Curandero and Master-Shaman of APL Journeys with the more than 32 years experience of working with medical plants
Pepe is a Peruvian Curandero (healer) from the Shipibo tribe. He started his training as a healer when he was 12 years old with his Maestro and uncle Antonio Vasquez Galarreta.
Throughout his life, he spent years dieting with numerous Teacher-Plants to learn from them and heal people in his community.

Currently, Pepe is known worldwide for the Netflix documentary "The Last Shaman" which was called this way as a gesture of respect to Pepe's dedication and knowledge about Amazonian Plant Medicine and Ayahuasca.
7 days stay
at the retreat
4 Purgayahuasca
Work with
Sananga sessions
All meals
Breathwork classes
and Integration
Daily private connection
with a shaman
7 days experience
Flower bathes to prepare for Ayahuasca ceremonies.
The work with the plant of tobacco as a Teacher Plant is an ancient practice that complements your ceremonial Ayahuasca experience as these two plants are always coming together.
You will learn how to use Mapacho for protection and guidance.
Sananga eye drops are a traditional practice that helps to support the healthy vision.
at the retreat
Guided by
Peruvian healer
Amanda Decker- psychedelic Integration Coach with a specialization in Harm Reduction and an Ambassador for Heroic Hearts Project
We know that Amazonian shamanism is an ancient and deeply rooted tradition where shamans / hearer is a person who has to pass a long term training in the rainforest in the way of sacred dieting with Master Plants and the work with other healers and spiritual beings.

Without this long training that takes years of practice and isolation, a person should not work with Ayahuasca as he can damage the physical and mental state of participants.

That is why on our retreats we work only with Amazonian healers who live permanently in the rainforest and dedicated their lives to the natural sciences of healing with plants.
We host ceremonies the same way our healers do them in Peru.
It means that we follow the traditional guidance and ask our participants to follow ceremonial rules that are intended to ensure an undisturbed journey and the direct connection with Ayahuasca that will be protected and guided by the shaman.

During our ceremonies, healers are singing sacred songs named Icaros that they learned from Teacher-Plants in the rainforest the same way thousands of generations did before them.
We ask our participants do not interact with each other and concentrate on the connection with Ayahuasca during the ceremony that is held in the dark.
This traditional approach allows you to receive healing and work on your intentions/traumas, instead of just tripping with people around.
On our retreats, we pay a lot of attention to the right way of preparation for ceremonies as well as international of your experience.

Most of our participants are newbies and that is why you can be sure that you will feel 100% ready before. your first ceremony and if you are experienced we are sure you will learn a lot of things about traditional Amazonian healing from our shamans and facilitators.

When you come to us we have a detailed 3 hours talk before the first ceremony to prepare you for your first journey.

Then after each ceremony, we have integration talks on the morning of the next day to help you understand your experience based on the traditional knowledge and modern psychotherapeutic approach.
Because the right integration of the experience is the key to your healing.
We will have a massage session included on our 4th day to relax your body after 2 ceremonies and prepare it for the another 3 coming.
Group sound therpay
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Please read and accept before you secure your spot.

Important booking Information

Hello dear participant.

You are one step from making your life-changing journey real.
Please accept a few points before you proceed:

Right after your booking we will request you to fill out the medical questionnaire that will be reviewed by our team. Your booking is finally confirmed only after your form is reviewed. It allows us to ensure the safety of your experience with us. Please purchase your flight tickets only after the confirmation of your participation.
The form has to be completed within 2 days after you book.

2) Every participant is obligated to go on a special Ayahuasca diet before joining our retreats that include certain types of food, drugs (pharmaceutical and recreational), and sexual restrictions.
It is vital for the safety of your experience.
You can find more information on our "Preparation" page.

We can't wait to meet you.
APL Shamanic Journeys' team.
We kindly ask you for a deposit in order to secure your place. The remaining amount should be covered upon your arrival

Pricing for October 2022
7 days program
Master Shaman Pepe

Shared double room
Total - 1970€/person
Deposit - 1000€

Private room for 1 person
Total - 2200 - 2400€/person
Deposit - 1000€

Private room for 2 persons
Total -3940€/room
Deposit - 2000€

Please see the list of activities included / not-included


  • 4 ceremonies with pure Ayahuasca vine (no DMT contained plants)
  • Individual consultation with a shaman
  • Individual/group consultations with APL's therapist / integration coach
  • Integration circles after each ceremony
  • Educational program from Master shaman and facilitators
  • Group sound therapy before ceremonies
  • Massage session 1 hour (8 days retreats only)
  • Flower baths (Baños de Flores)
  • Breathwork / yoga classes on retreats

  • Sessions with Rapé snuff (Brazilian snuff)
  • Work with liquid Mapacho Master Plant
  • Sananga eye drops practice

  • Space to relax, read, write, rest and swim
  • Comfortable accommodation
  • Meals on the retreat (No dinner on ceremonial days)


  • Flights to Malaga, Spain
  • Travel insurance- please organise your own personal travel insurance
  • Transfers to/from airport (100-120€ for a car. The price is shared between people in a transfer group)
  • Private sound therapy session (50€)
  • Kambo Ceremony (100€)
  • 5 days dieting with Ayahuasca vine before the retreat (for more information click here)
  • Therapy with our specialists before and after retreats (for more information click here)
Small groups
We hast not more than 16 people in one group to maintain the individual approach
Traditional ceremonies with pure vine
Purgayahuasca ceremonies are hosted by Peruvian curanderos the same way indigenous people did for thousands of years. Our ceremonial space is huge and comfortable. It has 6 bathrooms attached and equipped with A/C and central heating.
Direct connection with the Shaman
After each ceremony you will have an opportunity of a private talk with your shaman with the help of our translator
Individual therapy for integration
We have therapist on the retreat to guide integration circles and offer you private talks to make your post integration easy and fulfilling.
Sound therapy & massages
Our retreat program includes incredible massage session that helps you harmonise your body and spirit.Also before each Ayahuasca ceremony we host group sound therapy to help you enter the process free of anxiety.
Flower bathes
Baños de Flores is an ancient tradition that helps you to enter Ayahuasca ceremony free of any negative energies and have the best experience possible.
Breathwork & Yoga
We host breathwork classes with techniques that you can use for Ayahuasca ceremonies to go through the process and navigate your experience.
Delicious meals
Our professional team of chef serves food accordingly to the Ayahuasca diet to ensure the safety of your ceremonial experience.
You are going to spend unforgettable days in constant personal contact with our Curandero and the keeper of ancient tradition of Amazonian shamanism on a beautiful retreat located in a nature-place in Spain.
The nearest airport is Malaga, Spain
Shared & private rooms
Outdoor Pool
Beautiful hike tracks
10 min drive to the beach
We believe that in order to get in touch and get to know the ancient way of Amazonian shamans, it is not necessary to immediately dive headlong into the jungles of Peru.
We have prepared for you a stunningly cozy, comfortable and safe place to get in touch with authentic tradition of curanderismo.
Huge ceremonial place
Cozy Rooms
Private & shared
We have daily cleaning for your comfort
Ceremonial space
We host ceremonies in an airy, comfortable space with A/C, central heating and 6 bathrooms attached
Perfect outdoor space
For integration and relaxation