ayahuasca ceremonies

We can organise private ceremonies for you
with Peruvian Curandero and Master Shaman
How does it work?
APL Shamanic Journeys offers the unique opportunity to organise private ayahuasca ceremonies in Europe for your group minimum 6 people.

We advise to book dates right before or after our upcoming retreats, in this way we can make it affordable.
Our shamans always match the highest professional criterial when they work with a group but they have to share their attention between all participants. During private retreats it is possible to make a ceremony with an intention only on your small group of friends. It allows to achieve your results easier. Also we can make your stay absolutely anonymous.

If you have a group and you want to make your own retreat schedule we can discuss all details and provide the opportunity of shamanic work in intimate atmosphere of your group of friends or colleagues.

*Your retreat should be booked more than 1 month before.
Meet your shamans
From Amazonian Rainforest
Anael Rojas Rodriguez
Curandero of APL Shamanic Journeys
and kamalampi retreat in Peru
Anael, in addition to being Curandero, a shaman and our close friend, also constantly conducts educational work in his native village of Tamishyaku, helps raise health care, reduce alcohol consumption and promotes the preservation of traditional knowledge of Indians. Also Anael is a wonderful family man, he has a lovely wife and 5 children, wrapped up in the love and care of their parents.
Alberto Palomino
Ayahuascaero of APL Shamanic Journeys
Alberto is a healer with more than 20 years of work with ayahuasca, Kambo and medical plants of Amazonia. He started his training when he was 8 years old and worked with the most famous shamans as Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez, Guillermo Arévalo Valera, Don Lucho Panduro.
He passed more than 3 years on diets with master plants in isolation in Amazonian rainforest and continued his way as a healer and ayahuascero.
Benefits of private retreat
Individual approach
Personal and flexible schedule
Comfortable and intimate environment
Undivided attention of our team
Possibility of choosing your location
Receive more information by writing to our email
Ayahuasca ceremonies
Ceremonies will be held only and personally by the Peruvian shaman adhering to all the traditional rules of Amazonian shamanism. On this day you will be provided with two meals a day (without dinner) and a quiet meditative atmosphere for better passage of the ritual.
Kambo ceremony
This ancient medicine, according to the giving, was presented to the shaman by the spirit of Ayahuasca itself and is traditionally used both for the treatment of yellow fever, malaria and other diseases and for cleaning the body, refilling physical, emotional forces, and increasing sexual energy. In addition, it is believed that kambo accelerates the streak of failure and opens the way for good energy bringing to life the wonderful, long-awaited changes for the better.
Choosing your location
If you want to pass ceremonies in the place by your choice we can discuss this possibility and come to your place or rent a place by your choice
Rapé and Sanango Ceremonies
Rapé is a traditional herbal mix blend for cleansing respiratory system and meditating energy.
Sanango eye drops for cleansing eyes and mental process
Yoga practice
Every day you will have the opportunity to practice yoga with our yoga coach. Classes will be held outside to strengthen both the spirit and the body. And of course - for your pleasure.
Individual consultation
You will discuss your experience and get an explanation directly from our shaman.
What people say about our retreats
"The team was amazing and lovely. There was so much support and love from everyone. The villa was nice, food was good and taught me a lot about eating and my health. I now have a full control over my food choices and my mind. The yoga and all other things we did as a group really helped me heal and I can't wait to see everyone again. Our yoga teacher was amazing and gave the best hugs. Super experience!!"
VJ, Lithuania
Portugal, 27 July - 03 August
"It was the best present I could give to myself.
I went here alone and met amazing and loving new friends. I slept like a Queen in the bed, loved all food and healed myself. I felt really safe and cared over with the crew. I highly recommend this retreat and would love coming back again. Love to all my new friends and especially loving thanks to Anael, Boris and Alex."
20-27 July
Loved my stay in Portugal, the place is beautiful, serene with magical gardens.
Boris and Aleks, two Slavic souls, take care of you as if your own younger brothers invited you to their country house, they cook for you, make sure you feel good, relaxed and at home. Don't be surprised when they serve you a daily dose of deep wisdom and skillfully safeguard you through ceremonies!
Maestro Anael is the embodiment of everything you ever thought shamanism is or should be. He's like an angel by your side escorting you to higher realms for guidance and healing. And his maestro icaros ... divine and majestic!
It is a life changing, transformative experience different for each and every soul and doesn't end when you leave the retreat. The bonds you make within a brotherhood of searching souls is open and honest when sharing the deepest truths.
I so cherish this experience hope you will too, mucha suerte! 🤗❤️🙏😇
Bethie, Serbia
Portugal 20-27 July
Thank you guys so much for everything, I am still processing, even last night I had a continuation where somethings were coming out and i had to cut them and all that. Its all mind blowing and I am grateful🙏🏼👏🙏🏼👊
Gao, Germany
Portugal, 20-27 October
Review from Yulia, Ireland
Review from Amanda, USA
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