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APL Shamanic Journeys
about traditional shamanism
"For our retreats we travel the world, searching for
a traditional way of using plants as medicine and shamans who keep the knowledge of our ancestors."
Kambo Experience with APL Journeys
What is Ayahuasca and how to make it?
Master Plant dieting, experience in Peru, Chuchuhuasi and Uña de gato
Sol de Mañana in Bolivia with APL Journeys
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia with APL Shamanic Journeys
Chirik Sanango plant dieting
Chuchuhuasi plant dieting
Traditional dieting in Tambo
Abuta vine. Dieting with Master Plant
Chitaneros and Brojos, Black shamans in Amazonia
Uchu Sanango Dieting with Master Plants
APL Shamanic Journeys in Machu Picchu
Toè / Datura plant, the strongest plant in Amazonia
APL Shamanic Journeys about maximum group size for Ayahuasca ceremony
APL Shamanic Journeys talk about one of the biggest trees in Amazonian selva and famous tool for shamanic practice Lupuna tree
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