Microdosing is coming this autumn

Andea retreats invite you to experience the essence of Shamanic world, science of microdosing, yoga practice and meditation techniques.
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Andea Retreats partner with APL
and offers the unique opportunity to make a very first step into the world of shamanism through microdosing and yoga

for those who want to experience medicinal properties of Ayahuasca
without intense ceremonial experience.

6 days
The length of your journey with Andea retrets
Yoga and Meditation
With an experienced guides both in Indian and Amazonian traditions
Ayahuasca microdozing
To boost your yoga practice, strengthen your mind and balance your body
Educational program
That will give you an essential knowledge about Peruvian Shamanism and Plant medicine in combination with ancient yoga experience
Andea retreats
Yoga and meditation with microdosing, how does it work?
Microdozing is the way of taking Ayahuasca in quantity that is unlikely to produce whole-body effect, but high enough to allow active ingredients as Harmine, Harmaline and other to affect our brain and has a positive response.
During our retreat we will use Banisteriopsis caapi, the Ayahuasca vine itself to boost your yoga practice and give you an experience of using Ayahuasca as a medicine.
We use Banisteriopsis caapi,
the part of Ayahuasca that affects your body and brain
without producing visions.
Stuning location for better practice
Maestro Anael with his wife Rosa
Based on the cliff with the ocean in front, you will pass the unique life changing experience that combines yoga practice that will be boosted as never before by pure Ayahuasca supplementation.
This exclusive method is based on the scientific research that shows how small but regular quantities of b.caapi (Ayahuasca vine) can affect your neuroplasticity and help to realise past traumas in a very gentle but profound way.
This is the absolutely unique experience that have never been offered on retreats before
Meet your guides
With expertises both in yoga and shamanism
Founder & Trainer
Amanda is the founder of the retreat space Andea Experience and certified yoga trainer.
She is a US veteran and has traveled around the world a few times. Throughout her life she has tried many different retreats and methods for spiritual growth. After experiencing the healing powers of plant medicine she decided to create a safe space to help others find their own peace. Amanda is excited to partner with APL and help others integrate their experiences and maximize their true self.
Founder & Trainer
HI! My name is Barb Israel and I love yoga. After discovering the practice in my mid 20s, I had no doubt yoga would be a part of my life forever. I was instantly drawn to the ancient practice, and I continue to be fascinated by its rich history, physical rigor, and mental stimulation.

I am an E-RYT ( Experienced Yoga Teacher), and the Owner of Glo Yoga Studios (Canada, Lebanon)

In my classes, I challenge my students to grow through meeting their physical edge with friendliness. I teach my students to practice listening, both to their bodies and most

importantly each inhale and exhale. I am dedicated to the growth and development of my students, both on and off their mats, and believe yoga begins when you leave the studio.
We will carefully serve your meals in accordance to:

  • Your personal diet
  • Light Ayahuasca dieting
  • Yoga recommendatio
      The dieta is a process of purification
      both mental and physical.

      It is a connection with
      the higher spirit and your true self.
      Let's start with Europe.

      Dieting is a difficult process and requires a strong intention and discipline. It is an essential core of Peruvian shamanism and is the way to heal mind and soul.
      We are waiting for you in Europe and will share our experiences of this magical process. If you feel the calling of the Amazon, we will be happy to direct you to continue your path there.

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